Pete Farn

Pete Farn
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Willkommen auf der neuen Seite von Pete Farn.
Alles Gute und mehr als nur Hoffnung für 2021!

NEU: "Sweet Metal"

Als CDr bei SynGate und Download via Bandcamp

Auslobungstext SynGate: As usual, the artist surprises us with unexpected experimental compositions in the world of odd, dreamlike, abstract or illustrative sounds that recreate changing shapes of bizarre beauty and morbid figures. You need to take time to get familiar with this album, its rather no background music for fireside evenings - or possibly on the contrary exactly listening to it near the fireplace with every sense to get all the details?
"Sweet Metal" is full of different synthesis shapes, modular chips and circles, strange coloures of crazy sounds and many more surprises. Just a welcome change to all those sweet melodies around us out of our streaming boxes or at any shopping place.
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